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Welcome To Holistic Architecture

Expanding the Boundaries of Architecture

For 30 years I have been an architect with my own firm, designing residential and commercial projects.  Along with my love of architecture, I have been a student of metaphysics and quantum physics.  It was in my studies of Quantum Physics that I realized that much of what I was learning, if applied to Architecture would give a new meaning and approach to conventional architecture.  Combining this knowledge with components of sacred geometry (specific formulas found in many facets of nature), along with other unique and significant features, I have brought a revolutionary perspective to architectural design and thus from this……… I have created a new company, Holistic Architecture, to pursue this wonderfully exciting new direction.

Everyone wants a home that has good design on the interior and the exterior.

Everyone wants a home that is energy efficient and utilizes conservation of our planets resources. Everyone wants a home that feels good, when you walk into a home or building – it  just feels good – something  special  beyond the usual. 

So how do we get all of this into our home? Good architects are quite capable of providing a creative exterior and a beautiful interior. For many people for many years, this has been the basic option available. 

However with the implementation of new and “old” modalities, I am able to assimilate innovative elements into the design of the home or business. 

To begin the process of creating a design in harmony with one’s environment and one’s lifestyle, we can begin with the exterior design of your home or business.  From the local environment and the topography of the land, we ask:  what are the shapes in nature that exist on the land, what are the shapes and colors in the local environment. How does the exterior of the home fit into the shapes and colors of this geographic region?   And of equal importance – we need to know what are the desires of the client concerning the look and feel to match the design with the needs of the individual and the family.

Another question to ask yourself is-what is the purpose of your new home or business or remodel?  What is your purpose for each room-a gathering place to share communication, a room that offers solace and inspiration or a personal sanctuary? The understanding of the clients deeper intent will allow for a better design layout, energy flow, and what energy one desires in what room which is critical to the creation of harmony within the home or business  Functional layout and the flow between rooms are important for the “ease” of the home or business.

Much has been said about “Green” these days. I have been advocating Responsible Design (Green) for some time and incorporating this in my designs as a must from the beginning of the design. I applaud the implementation of “green” as a standard in the design and building industries, and creating rating systems to certify the degree of green components that are in our buildings. I highly recommend that your building be certified, as this is when monies can come back to you for the monies that you have had to put into the home or business. There are potential tax rebates and tax credits, though of course one must research what is applicable to each building. Key components are energy efficiency- heating and cooling systems, lighting fixtures, energy star appliances, water  conservation,  landscaping in harmony with the environment,   the use of sustainable and recycled products inside and outside the home , super insulation, high performance windows and indoor air quality and low VOC paints and materials inside the dwelling. All of these elements and more are becoming standard now and are a must in today’s World.

These are all important aspects for a good design but there can and should be more. We need to explore the intangible aspects, the aspects that greatly enhance the home or business experience for you, the aspects that break away from the pack and give a whole new meaning to Architecture. There is the “non-seeing” or holistic aspect of a truly all encompassing design. Designing the home or business with these “unseen” elements is crucial to achieving a truly holistic design. We now know that everything-everything is Energy and there are Universal Laws governing the understanding of Energy. This is explained by Quantum Physics, which is the study of the understanding of how Energy works. So why don’t we use these principles and formulas for our benefit in our dwellings for our physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

For example, as stated in the beginning, what is it that you feel good when you walk into someone’s home or business-it feels good, welcoming?  One of the ways to achieve this is to look at the geometric footprint of the structure. What’s called Sacred Geometry can be used as the footprint of the structure. When the footprint of the structure is a geometric shape that exists in Nature and that shape is placed on the Earth, preferable on the Heart of the Land (all sites have a Heart, the place of highest energy), then a harmony is created by the like energy frequencies of the two. This like frequency produces compatibility between the shape of the footprint and the Earth and creates a harmonic balance that can be felt in the home or business. Examples of shapes can be circles, elliptical curves, hexagons, octagons, use of the golden Ratio (PHI) which can produce 90 degree angles (even the box is outside of its box), curves and triangles and may more-just look at shapes in Nature. One of the utilizations of the Universal Laws of Energy can be exemplified by the practice of Feng Shui, which I also incorporate in my designs. For centuries Feng shui has supported the importance of the enhancement of the flow of energy to create a harmonious home or business.  Movement of Energy thru-out the home or business and for what purpose will allow for a comfort, contentment, a wall being that you and your family and friends can enjoy.

Just as there is a Heart of the Land there is a Heart of the home or business. This is the location where the Energy of the six directions (North, South, East, West, Above and Below) comes together and is determined by the client and myself. This Energy and the Energy of Intent of myself and the client and the Universal Law of Attraction can allow for whatever energy and feeling you what for whatever room you want it in. This isn’t magic and it is not New Age. It is using the Universal Laws of Energy for your health and well being. There are articles on this site which will further explain more about my Holistic Architecture and I look forward in talking to any and all, there is much more to this Architecture then I can discuss here-I want to share this knowledge and understanding to anyone that has a interest in this new and ultimate form of Architecture-Holistic Architecture. 




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