What is Holistic Architecture

What is Holistic Architecture?

Holistic Architecture is  designing  a home or business incorporating my unique design elements;   environmentally sustainable/green  products and energy/physics into a cohesive wholeness to produce a  physical, spiritual and  emotional well-being into the design/ home/business.

What sets Holistic architecture apart from traditional architecture is completing the wholeness by adding the design element of energy – the understanding and utilization of the universal laws of energy.  Another way of explaining this is that I am incorporating basic quantum physics, since quantum physics is the study and understanding of the universal laws of energy.

Everything is Energy. We all are aware of this basic tenet of science. Therefore we can utilize the energy in us and around us for our own and everyone’s benefit. One major aspect of quantum physics is that “like energy attracts like energy” – also known as the universal law of attraction.   Therefore the exciting challenge is to design a building of like attraction with the energy of the Earth.

The Earth has an energy frequency and if you place a shape, a footprint that exists in nature on the Earth, you have like frequencies, a compatibility that produces balance and harmony. Utilizing energy does go well beyond the shape of the structure. To create this synchronization, energy needs direction. This has been my purpose in Holistic Architecture – through design, I am directing energy to create within a structure the essence of joy and fulfillment.

What are some of the features of Holistic Architecture?

First of all, the site.  Upon every piece of land, there will always be a heart of the land. There  are many factors that determine the heart of the land, and I will assist in finding the heart of the land which also is a determining factor for where the structure will be placed. The heart of the land is another term for the area on the property where a vortex of energy of the Earth is the strongest, the feelings are most dominant.  The enhancement of the land is important in the role of maintaining harmonious energies.  The vegetation chosen for landscaping is important in maintaining the energy of the land, and therefore is best  with vegetation natural to the area or in highly developed areas, vegetation that existed in the area historically, and not something that was a transplant and was not indigenous to the area.

The topography of the area is another aspect of holistic architecture which creates the wholeness of design and so I find inspiration from the surroundings. Thus the appearance of the home or structure will complement the local environment and will also feel like the energy of the locale, thus another aspect of harmony.

The shape of the structure must be based upon a geometric shape that exists in nature to harmonize with nature and this is known as Sacred Geometry. The shape can therefore be unlimited, but in nature we do not have 90 degree angles per se as designed in most buildings today. However, to design a building with 90 degree angles, we can use the “golden rectangle”, derived from the golden ratio (phi), which is a feature of sacred Geometry. This ratio phi (pronounced fee) is a reoccurring formula found in nature. Therefore, if the client desires a more traditional look in their home, I use this formula and energize the traditional rectangle design.  So the look is traditional, but the feel and energy are of balance and harmony.

The reason then that I use this formula and these geometric shapes in my design, is that if a shape is a feature of Earth’s construction, then it is also what produces a harmonic energy frequency and balance.  Energy which is not in balance with the Earth, the earth’s energy will work at dismantling whatever this is. 

As something that is gratefully becoming the norm, the exterior and interior materials required now are what are called  “green”.   Personally, I feel that as architects we have to adopt a policy of Responsibility in Architecture, to our clients and to the environment. Key components in green design are a sealed structure (from the insulation and high performance fenestration),  all elements of energy efficiency, water conservation, sustainable materials and native landscaping.

Commitment to the Client

There needs to be communication and involvement on a very deep level between the architect and the owner. I want to know and assist in what the owner feels the purpose is for this structure and from this, the purpose for each room. Asking you, what do you want to achieve in this room, meaning the feelings and emotions – thus the true purpose of each room. This is often what people are hoping to achieve with the use of the principles of feng-shui, from which we add  more elements and we ask: what do you want to achieve in these rooms, what feelings and emotions are the foundation for these spaces and therefore the basis for the design becomes; what is the intent for this structure as well as the intent of each individual room or area.  Intent is the building block of the outcome. If the intent is clear, then the proper outcome can be achieved.

The totality of the wholeness of each project of Holistic Architecture, begins with a unique process that  insures the flow of energy in each house.  Just as there is a heart of the land, there is a heart of every home or business. Energy comes into the structure from the six directions; the north, south, east, west and below(the earth) and above (the sky and beyond) and will come together and be concentrated at this specific  point.  So, here is this powerful energetic force and what shall we do with it?  Keep in mind powerful does not mean high energy – it is  harmonious energy.  Now the purpose of design and placement comes into clarity, we use this energy  of what you desire into each room and the whole structure. It is utilizing and directing the energy that is already there, to enhance the energies and purpose of each room. Is it creativity?  Communication? Or rest and meditation that you desire in the room?  What assists in attracting the different energies into the different areas or rooms of each structure is first the clarity of the intent and then in setting the intent. The use of specific colors and materials al may  also assist the movement of the energy from the heart of the house into the other rooms, just as blood- the life energy of the body - is pumped from the heart to the rest of the body. Since everything is energy a like vibratory frequency of the energy, the feeling you want in each room and the entire structure will be matched and attracted to each other. This may seem to some as “new age”, but it is actually far from it. In actuality, it is simply the use of Universal Laws of Energy  as explained by the science of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics.

Holistic Architecture as it relates to Healing

The use of the components of responsible design produces a healthy home or business. By healthy, this refers to the health of the people in the home. By physically living or working in a healthy home or spending long hours in a healthy business this assists the physical immune system of the human body. Then, we add the energy aspect into the equation and this assists the mental, emotional and spiritual immune systems along with the physical immune system. This feeling of well being assists the immune system as when there is balance, there is a reduction of stress or as is said in Chinese medicine – a lack of dis – ease.

Proper utilization of the energy in your dwelling or workplace allows for not having a disruptive energy  - which is not in balance  with Earth energy.

We all have issues in ourselves that we desire to heal and when we place ourselves in an environment conducive to our personal healing, we are more able to delve deeper into the awareness of resolvement and the opportunity of letting go of these issues  that hold us back from living a joyful life.

If the goal of our lives is to live a life of purpose and fulfillment , then living and working in a healthy positive environment will contribute to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.  Holistic Architecture creates spaces that do not hold onto to toxic materials or toxic thoughts.

Holistic Architecture  - Uplifting  the Spirit

Ancient mysticism is of the earth; learning to place your energy within alignment of Earth . When in alignment with the Earth, your own energy begins to align with the earth which allows for personal growth and a shift in consciousness. 

I will provide for you a tool, a vehicle to assist in your expansion of consciousness by providing a positive environment for your awareness, well-being and tranquility.

Holistic Architecture can achieve a residence or business of peace and harmony. The ability to relax and find true laughter within one’s home allows for the rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit.  A setting filled with creative energies is also a space in the flow of productivity and abundance.

We live in a rapidly changing world. We need a place to revitalize ourselves, to be at peace with ourselves, with others and with nature. We need to respect ourselves by creating a harmonious environment that we live and work in.

Now is the time to proclaim your true Intent.

To commit to the life you desire.

To commit to your own health and well being. 

I look forward to assisting you on your journey and sharing with you the adventure of Holistic Architecture!

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